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Council Resident Flood Alerts

Did you know you can provide residents and staff within specific parts of your council area with live verified River and Rainfall Alerts?

Providing residents with immediate factual information removes a lot of false information that often is spread around during major events. Using a River/Rainfall Alerting system ensures your residents are kept informed at all times with correct information and allows them greater preparation and confidence.

The Council Flood Alert process follows these main steps:

The Alerting System is able to send the message to pre-configured user groups or via a polygon on the systems map sending to only those inside the polygon. The alert is sent by multiple channels including SMS, email, landline (voice to text) or push notification.

EWN can assist the council in providing Registration forms to residents through their website to add themselves to the service. Alternatively councils can provide us with a user database to load into the system. We can even provide the option to residents to receive dam notifications for dams nearby.

To find out more information please contact James Harris on 0425 243 641 or james.harris@ewn.com.au

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