Flood/Rainfall Monitoring and Alerting

Flood/Rainfall Monitoring & Alerting

Using a national grid of lightning detection, rainfall / river gauges & other remote sensors, EWN is able to identify locations under imminent threat of flooding & flash flooding. We can then provide immediate alerts to those that need it.

Flood / Rainfall Monitoring and Alerting

Flood / Rainfall Monitoring and Alerting

Track/route monitoring includes a transparent rail/route corridor layer, which can be turned on and off to view the proximity of any alerts or alerting gauges and the likely impact of any local radar/hazards/incidents in real time. Accumulation views are switchable between "This Hours Rainfall", "Since 9am" and "24hrs to 9am". The map can be zoomed in and out and any radar can be chosen to view in more detail.

Flood / Rainfall Monitoring and Alerting
Who would benefit from this service?

Any organisation who has personnel, infrastructure or assets that are affected adversely by heavy rainfall, flash flooding and flooding such as:

  • Transport operators such as Rail, Road etc.
  • Telcos and Energy Companies with remote infrastructure and assets
  • Councils and their residents
  • Construction & Mining sites needing advance warning of entry\exit routes being cut off
  • Civil Engineering to protect excavations etc.
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