Location Based Warning System

Location Based Warning System

The Problem

Do you wish you had a system that you could use to send out SMS alerts or notifications quickly and easily to everyone on site in an emergency. A system that you could use from a PC, tablet or other internet connected device anywhere.

A system that lets you send the alerts by group or GIS polygon and that can also provide your staff with severe weather and other hazard warnings?

Location Based Warning System
The Solution

EWN's Severe Weather and Incident Manager (SWIM) can help you out in an emergency by making sure those who need to be alerted are, in no time flat.


  • Type in your message (or use a template stored earlier)
  • Choose who you want to send to (by group or by drawing a polygon on the map of your site)
  • Choose how to send (by SMS, email or land line)
  • Press send.

As part of the system, your personnel will also receive all severe weather and natural hazard (such as bushfire) alerts for their location. Comprehensive system reporting also helps take care of your OH&S and Risk Management obligations.

Location Based Warning System
Who can benefit from this service?
  • Organisations who have large worksites and a need to communicate with some or all of them instantly in case of emergency
  • Organisations who want to be able to notify their customers (who register on the system) of regular messages or updates, such as dam releases or water prices for example
  • Organisations who want to protect their staff at one location from severe weather or other natural hazards such as bushfire
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