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Heat spreading across southeastern and eastern Australia

31 October 2018: The hottest conditions seen so far this spring will affect parts of South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland over the coming days, with some areas likely to exceed 40 degrees.

Storms ravage southern QLD and northern NSW

26 October 2018: Ground hog day continued for eastern QLD and northern NSW during Thursday afternoon as severe thunderstorms once again rolled across the region.

Thunderstorms lash eastern Australia over the weekend

22 October 2018: Widespread thunderstorms swept across eastern Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland over the weekend, bringing a great light show and useful follow up rain to many areas, although some regions were also lashed by severe weather.

Heavy rain and cool temperatures bring bushfire relief to eastern Australia

16 October 2018: Heavy rains and cooler than average October temperatures have brought significant relief to the drought and bushfire conditions over eastern Australia during the last couple of weeks.

Violent thunderstorms lash Queensland

12 October 2018: Violent thunderstorms hit parts of Queensland yesterday, bringing destructive winds, hail as large as tennis balls and flash flooding and reports of tornadoes.

Heavy rain brings drought relief to NSW

5 October 2018: Widespread rainfall has fallen across New South Wales in the last 24 hours, bringing much needed relief across drought affected regions with some places seeing their best falls in over two years.

Australia registers driest September on record

2 October 2018: The big dry has continued across Australia, with the nation just registering its driest September on record, and driest calendar month in over a century.

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