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Severe Weather News January 2019

Another round of extreme heat for Australia's south

22 January 2019: Australia's southern capitals will scorch in some of the hottest conditions seen so far this summer as another burst of extreme heat sweeps across across the region.

Records tumbling as intense heatwave sweeps the nation

18 January 2019: Long-term records are being smashed across parts of Australia as an intense wave of heat continues to push across the nation.

Australia sizzling in more record threatening heat

13 January 2019: This January has been hot - very hot - across Australia so far, and after a brief cooler spell, large parts of the country are going to bake in record challenging heat until at least next weekend.

Thunderstorms flaring up over NSW again

11 January 2019: More thunderstorms have sparked up across parts of New South Wales today in a run of several days of thunderstorms, bringing the threat of heavy rainfall, damaging winds and large hail.

Cyclone Penny might make landfall... again

3 January 2019: Penny has reintensified into a Tropical Cylone again as she moved out into the Coral Sea, and as it intensifies further is expected to do a u-turn and head back towards the Queensland Coast over the coming days.

Australias southeast to cop another burst of extreme heat and fire danger

2 January 2019: A brief but intense burst of heat is set to affect southeastern Australia over the next few days, with temperatures soaring into the low-to-mid 40s in many areas with records set to be challenged inland.

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