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Severe Weather News August 2020

Spring has sprung, which means storm season now upon us

31 August 2020: Tomorrow, Tuesday 1st September marks the start of spring across Australia, which means we are now officially entering our storm season.

Bushfires in full swing for the Northern Territory

28 August 2020: We are well past the halfway mark through the bushfire season for the Top End with a Catastrophic Fire Danger issued yesterday for parts of the Darwin and Adelaide River fire forecast district.

Cold front set to send a burst of wind across NSW, VIC and TAS

27 August 2020: A fast moving cold front will cause a burst of wind across parts of southeast Australia this afternoon and into Friday morning, with wind gusts reaching 100-120km/h in some areas.

Extreme fire danger over northern Australia, heat set to spread south

25 August 2020: As August records continue to fall over the nation's north, fire danger is set to surge over the next few days as fresh and gusty east-southeasterly winds affect the region.

Heavy snow in southeast Australia as record August heat scorches Australia's north

24 August 2020: As the southeast of Australia experienced days of strong winds, showers and the heaviest snow in years in places, the nation's north has broken numerous August records over the past few days as temperatures exceed 40 degrees.

Windy weekend for southern Queensland

21 August 2020: Southern regions of Queensland have experienced a windy week however the worst is yet to come.

Strong cold front to send another burst of showers, strong winds and low-level snow across Australia's southeast

20 August 2020: An even stronger cold front is set to bring another burst of damaging wind gusts and showers to large parts of Australia's southeast over the next few days, however a colder airmass with the system is set to see snow fall to low levels and possibly reach close to the Queensland border.

Severe weather strikes South Australia

19 August 2020: A multi-day severe weather event kicked off in South Australia on Tuesday, with damaging to destructive winds and impressive rainfall totals across central and eastern parts of the state.

Australia put on La Nina Alert

18 August 2020: Australia has been put on a La Nina Alert, according to the latest ENSO (El Nino Southern Oscillation) outlook today, with the chances of a La Nina event developing by spring increasing to 70 percent.

Wild winds set to lash southeast Australia as another cold blast hits the region

17 August 2020:

Wild weather is on the way to parts of southeast Australia over the coming days as a series of cold fronts hits the region, with wind gusts in excess of 100km/h, showers, thunderstorms, small hail and snow all possible.

Tasmanian weekend rainfall wrap

17 August 2020: Eastern Tasmania saw wet conditions across the weekend, as a low pressure system off the southern NSW coast shifted south, producing areas of heavy rain.

Thunderstorms rumble through parts of Southeastern Queensland

15 August 2020: A few lines of shower and thunderstorm activity are actively sweeping through southeastern Queensland and also parts of the eastern Darling Downs and parts of the Wide Bay and Burnett district.

Cold front set to bring rain, thunderstorms and chilly conditions to southwest WA

14 August 2020: A cold front is set to sweep across southwest WA on Saturday and into Sunday, bringing widespread rain, possibly severe thunderstorms and chilly conditions in its wake.

Confirmed tornado for Victoria

14 August 2020: A tornado touched down in Woodend, Victoria late yesterday afternoon around 5.30pm and was relatively short lived. This came as a surprise to some residents, especially when the tornado lofted hay bales into the air while remaining slow moving.

Morning glory for the Gulf of Carpentaria

13 August 2020: Residents situated along the Gulf Coast of Queensland were treated to a spectacular morning glory cloud formation this morning as the low-level cloud traversed across the Gulf waters this earlier.

Heavy rain for Tasmania, Victoria and South Australia

12 August 2020: It's going to be a wet end to the week for southeastern Australia, with a large low pressure system and series of troughs to sweep across parts of South Australia, Victoria and Tasmania.

Rain and thunderstorms to spread across NSW and QLD

11 August 2020: Rain and thunderstorms are set to sweep across New South Wales and southern Queensland on Friday and Saturday, bringing some fantastic follow up falls on the back of recent rains the last few weeks.

Weekend Weather Wrap

10 August 2020: It has been an extremely active last 7 days across Australia, with multiple low pressure systems providing widespread severe thunderstorms across parts of the NT/SA/QLD, before an East Coast Low developed off the NSW coast, producing flooding rains across parts of the Illawarra and South Coast.

Another big drenching looming for the southern NSW coast this weekend

7 August 2020: Yet another heavy rain event with flooding potential is aiming its sights on the southern coast of New South Wales this Saturday and Sunday.

Southeast Australia shivers through frigid morning followed by cold days and rain

6 August 2020: Temperatures plumetted on Thursday morning across Australia's southeast as the mercury approached -10 degrees, with some places seeing their coldest morning in years.

Savage cold front to blast Western Australia

6 August 2020: Western Australia is expected to be blasted with a savage cold front and associated low during Sunday, with heavy showers, rain and thunderstorms.

Storms and wet weather for western Queensland & NSW

5 August 2020: Thursday is looking rather stormy and damp across western Queensland, with the potential for storms to become severe.

Snow falling to low levels across Tasmania and Victoria

4 August 2020: A bitterly cold airmass is causing snow to fall to low levels across many parts of Tasmania and Victoria today, with reports of snow falling as low as around 100 metres above sea level.

Australia registers a dry and warm July, but wet spring ahead

3 August 2020: July was another warm and dry month for much of Australia(after a warm and dry June), however a wetter pattern is likely over the comings months as a La Nina looms.

Wet and stormy week for inland Australia

3 August 2020: This week is expected to be wet and stormy across inland Australia, as a low pressure system moves through the interior of the country.

Snow showers and blizzard conditions inbound for Victoria, Tasmania and New South Wales early next week

1 August 2020: A high pressure system situated over the eastern portion of the Great Australian Bight is directing a strong northwesterly wind flow over the state of Tasmania tonight, ahead of a cold front expected to cross the state overnight and into tomorrow.

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