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Severe Weather News January 2020

Very hot temperatures for today and into this weekend for NSW and the ACT

31 January 2020: A series of fronts are helping drag down a very hot air mass sourced from the nation's west, with temperatures set to challenge records for today during the day and into the next couple of evenings.

Heavy rain and flooding for South Australia

30 January 2020: Over the next few days, South Australia is likely to see its heaviest and most widespread rain event for nearly 4 years, dating back to the major September 2016 event.

Intense heat and fire weather to scorch southeast Australia

29 January 2020: After a run of cooler weather, an intense burst of heat will sweep across southeast Australia between Thursday and Saturday, causing temperatures to soar into the mid 40s and dangerous fire conditions.

Significant 24 hour rainfall totals for the Herbert and Lower Burdekin, Queensland

28 January 2020: Yesterday and overnight, the State Emergency Service received approximately 20 calls for help in the Townsville area alone in response to the extreme rainfall.

Widespread moderate to heavy rainfall to ramp up across northern Australia

24 January 2020: A slow moving surface and upper low is set to hover over the northern inland of the continent and cause widespread showers, storms and rain areas to persist day after day across much of the Northern Territory and northern Queensland.

Fires, severe thunderstorms and damaging winds lash NSW

24 January 2020: It was a testing Thursday for emergency services across New South Wales as fires, dust and strong winds battered the south of the state, whilst severe thunderstorms hit central and northern areas.

Fire danger spiking over southeast Australia, but rain to follow

22 January 2020: A strong cold front is dragging a hot airmass and strong winds once again over southeastern Australia causing dust storms and fire danger to reach severe to extreme levels, however rain is thankfully on the way in the wake of the change.

Ongoing thunderstorm outbreak for Queensland and New South Wales

22 January 2020: Another round of severe thunderstorms occurred yesterday afternoon and evening for southeastern parts of Queensland and northern NSW leaving approximately 20,000 residents without power.

Severe thunderstorms to hit northeast NSW and eastern QLD today

21 January 2020: Showers and potentially severe thunderstorms are likely to develop today over far northeast NSW and eastern QLD, with potential for large hail, damaging wind gusts and very heavy rainfall leading to flash flooding.

Destructive winds and giant hailstones for the Nation's Capital

20 January 2020: Severe thunderstorms containing damaging to locally destructive winds, giant to large hail and moderate to heavy rainfall have lashed Canberra today shortly after lunchtime, as a severe thunderstorm outbreak currently is occurring through central and southeastern parts of Australia.

Severe storms for New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland Monday

19 January 2020: Wet and wild weather will continue across the eastern states on Monday, with a thunderstorm outbreak likely across parts of QLD, NSW and VIC.

Heavy rain and flooding hit southeast QLD and northeast NSW

18 January 2020: The most widespread and heaviest rain event since Ex-Tropical Cyclone Debbie hit southeast Queensland and northeast New South Wales last night and into the early hours of today, with rainfall totals in excess of 200-to-300mm leading to flash flooding across the region.

Widespread rain and storms drench Queensland

17 January 2020: The best rain in years drenched parts of central and southern Queensland on Thursday and into Friday morning as a moisture-laden trough caused widespread rain and storms across the region.

Thunderstorms drench central Victoria - New South Wales and Queensland next

16 January 2020: Heavy rain soaked central Victoria yesterday as thunderstorms lashed the state, bringing the best rain in a few years to some places, with the focus of the action now moving to New South Wales and Queensland over the next few days.

Widespread rain and thunderstorms for eastern Australia

14 January 2020: There has been growing optimism over the last few days about widespread rain across eastern Australia across the next week, with computer models now agreeing many parts of Australia's east are likely to see their best summer rain in several years.

How to Help the Bushfire Affected Critters

As the bushfire disaster continues, it has been heartening to see the massive response from individuals and companies both in Australia and overseas in terms of major donations for community fire relief and reconstruction.

Showers, storms and rain periods for South East Queensland

9 January 2020: After a dry start to 2020 for eastern Queensland and New South Wales, signs of pattern change are underway as the monsoon season kicks off across northern Australia

Fire danger spiking again over southeast Australia - but patterns set to shift

8 January 2020: Another burst of heat and strong winds are set to cause bushfires to flare up again on Thursday and especially Friday, however a cooler change and increased moisture is finally set to bring a proper reprieve to Australia's southeast from the weekend.

Thunderstorms bring patchy but good falls to New South Wales

8 January 2020: Thunderstorms developed over central and northern inland parts of NSW yesterday, bringing much needed rain to the drought struck state, with some locations seeing their best falls in almost a decade.

Tropical Cyclone Threatens the Top End

7 January 2020: A tropical cyclone off the Top End is becoming increasingly likely by the middle of this week, as a tropical low over the Arafura Sea continues to intensify.

Welcome Temporary Easing of Fire Dangers in Fire Affected East Gippsland/Southern NSW

6 January 2020: It's good to see that over the last couple of days, patchy mainly light rainfall, more moisture, much cooler temperatures and weaker winds have eased fire dangers right back.

First Tropical Cyclone for the Western Region for 2020

6 January 2020: As at 9:00am (WST) this morning, Category 1 Tropical Cyclone Blake has been named and is the first Tropical Cyclone to exist in Australian waters for 2020.

Record temperatures and firestorms cause havoc in southern NSW and eastern VIC

5 January 2020: Record breaking heat struck parts of NSW on Saturday, as raging fire caused havoc across southern NSW and eastern Victoria.

Heat, dry lightning and dangerous fire conditions to continue for southern Australia

2 January 2020: Over the past 4 months, Australia has been in an all-out war against raging bushfires, with Western Australia, South Australia, Queensland, Tasmania, New South Wales and Victoria all experiencing emergency warned fires.

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