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Severe Weather News March 2020

Rain and storms for VIC, NSW, TAS and SA

31 March 2020: Parts of south-eastern Australia are set for a wet, stormy and cold start to April.

Early autumn chill grips southern Australia

26 March 2020: Some of the coldest March weather in decades has gripped southern Australia across the past five days as a slow-moving high pressure system has driven unseasonably cool southerly winds over the region.

Storms provide welcome rain across NSW

26 March 2020: Widespread thunderstorm activity during Wednesday afternoon produce moderate to locally heavy falls across central and northern parts of NSW.

Thunderstorms return to Queensland and New South Wales

24 March 2020: Thunderstorm activity will return to inland parts of Queensland and New South Wales during Wednesday afternoon.

Heavy rain expected for North Queensland

20 March 2020: Late this weekend, a coastal trough is expected to move towards the North Queensland coast, with showers, rain periods and isolated thunderstorms expected to develop.

Perth records its wettest March in 7 years

18 March 2020: The South West Land Division of WA has experienced a very stormy last 4 weeks, with an impressive start to Autumn rainfall wise across the region.

Balmy weather giving way to more chill as cold front sweeps across the southeast

18 March 2020: Southeastern Australia is currently enjoying some mid-March warmth as temperatures reach push into the high 20s and low-to-mid 30s, however temperatures are set to plummet again from tomorrow afternoon as a cold front sweeps across the region.

Unseasonably cold March weather affecting southeast Australia

16 March 2020: If anyone thinks it flipped from summer to autumn quickly this year, they would not be wrong as many parts of southeastern Australia are experiencing their coldest weather this early in the year for a number of years.

Sunday and Monday likely to see gusty winds and increase in swells shifting to southern QLD and northern NSW coasts

14 March 2020: A large tropical low in the Coral Sea is forecast to continue strengthening while tracking southeast well out to sea. While the low is currently forecast to reach tropical cyclone intensity early Sunday, there is still some uncertainty about the timing of this and it may occur earlier or later than expected.

Cold and wet weather spreading across southeastern Australia

12 March 2020: After basking in balmy conditions for several days, a cold front is set to sweep across the southeast of the nation, causing temperatures to plummet as well as bringing more good rain across the region.

Chilly March temperatures as more rain soaks southeast QLD & northeast NSW

10 March 2020: More wet weather drenched southeast Queensland and northeast New South Wales on Monday as a thick band of cloud and rain enveloped the region, which also brought about the coolest March day in decades for some areas.

Tropical Cyclone and flooding risk for north Queensland

9 March 2020: Tropical north QLD will face an increasing risk of flooding from Wednesday as a tropical low develops over the northern Coral Sea and possibly develops into a tropical cyclone later this week.

Inland Australia rejoices thanks to a widespread rainfall event

6 March 2020: A large part of Australia had endured a very wet and stormy to start March, with some locations registering their highest rainfall totals in many years.

More welcome rainfall for the interior including vast portions of western QLD and NSW

3 March 2020: The next few days look set for showers, isolated thunderstorms and heavy rain periods that may lead to flash flooding and riverine flooding to develop across parts of the central and southeastern NT tomorrow with the remnants of ex-TC Esther expected to drift in a southeasterly direction leading into Friday.

Summer 2019-2020 wrap: Bushfires and drought give way to widespread rain and flooding

2 March 2020: Summer 2019-2020 was a season of contrasts across Australia, as blistering heat, bushfires and record dry in December gave way to flooding by mid-to-late January and into February as the climate drivers behind the nation's big dry broke down.

Heavy rain and flash flooding for inland Australia

1 March 2020: Confidence is increasing for showers, storms and heavy rain periods that may lead to flash flooding and riverine flooding developing across the interior of the country this week.

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