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Severe Weather News May 2020

Wintery blast for Southeastern Australia this weekend

29 May 2020: A significant cold front is expected to move across the Great Australian Bight as a high pressure systems shifts further east of Tasmania and into the Tasman Sea.

Wet winter likely for most of Australia

28 May 2020: The Bureau of Meteorology has released their winter outlook for Australia, with wetter than average conditions predicted for large parts of the country.

WA cleaning up after a savage storm system

25 May 2020: During Sunday and early Monday morning, Western Australia was punished as ex tropical cyclone Mangga merged with a cold front off the WA coast and rapidly intensified.

Wintry chill grips northern and eastern Australia

22 May 2020: A dynamic weather setup over northern and eastern Australia is causing unseasonably cold conditions to grip parts of the country, with some areas seeing their coldest May days in decades.

South Western WA to brace for cyclonic conditions

21 May 2020: Late into the weekend, a low pressure system is expected to move across the Western Australian coastline with cyclonic conditions.

Heavy falls and cold temperatures for North Queensland

20 May 2020: Heavy winter rainfall has been recorded across North Queensland over the last 24 hours, with falls in excess of 200mm recorded for some locations.

Thunderstorms sweep through SE South Australia

20 May 2020: A secondary cold front is expected through parts of southern and southeastern SA today after a wild night of thunderstorm activity across a vast portion southeastern Australia.

Destructive winds, hail and barrages of lightning for Victoria overnight

20 May 2020: A cold front sweeping across the state last night produced squally thunderstorms through most parts of the state, passing through the central region into the early hours and producing small hail.

Cold fronts to bring more rain, storms and snow to southeast Australia

19 May 2020: Two frontal systems are set to bring the run of stunning sunny days to an end over southeastern Australia, with rain and thunderstorms set to develop from this afternoon, before a burst of showers, small hail and snow on Wednesday and Thursday.

Two Systems to Affect Parts of Eastern and Northern Australia

18 May 2020: Off the southern NSW coast, a significant low should start deepening in the Tasman Sea by Friday before wandering around erratically in the area for a few days. This general area of low pressure is also likely to develop multiple centres which pivot around the main centre.

A family of waterspouts and isolated thunderstorms for SE/QLD & NE/NSW

15 May 2020: A spectacular sight occurred off the Southern Gold Coast and Northern New South Wales coasts yesterday afternoon as up to five waterspouts were filmed and reported, along with weak thunderstorm activity with some containing small hail.

Chilly nights, fog and frost for southeast Australia

14 May 2020: A large and slow moving region of high pressure will lead to a stunning run of sunny late autumn weather for the southeast into early next week, however overnight temperatures will be among the coldest seen so far this year.

Mild temperatures and cool nights for Australia

11 May 2020: The second week of May is expected to be relatively quiet on the weather front across the country, as a large high pressure system traverses southern Australia.

Cold blast with damaging winds for SE Australia

9 May 2020: A strong cold front will continue to sweep across most of New South Wales today and into far northeastern regions of the state tomorrow, with cold temperatures expected through western, southern and central regions post-change.

Cold blast to sweep across southeast Australia this weekend

8 May 2020: It's been a balmy end to the working week for many parts of the southeast, however temperatures will plummet from tomorrow as a cold front sweeps across the southeast.

Wild winds and heavy rain batter southwest WA

6 May 2020: Wild weather hit southwestern parts of Western Australia on Tuesday afternoon and evening and into Wednesday morning, bringing down trees and powerlines and causing widespread power outages, as well as rainfall totals reaching close to 100mm.

Strong winds, rain and thunderstorms to lash southwest WA

4 May 2020: The balmy conditions that kicked off May will quickly turn to wet and windy weather today and persist into Tuesday and Wednesday as two strong cold fronts batter the South West Land Division.

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