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Being in the Transport or Logistics industry means one thing... mobility. Mobility of employees and assets, which also means mobility of RISK. This is even further compounded when you find that something that represents a RISK to your business is also on the move and constantly changing - extreme weather and other natural hazards like bushfire.

So how do you tie down that RISK long enough to mitigate it? The answer is you can't - but what you can do is ensure you have all the areas covered where that extreme weather risk might arise - and EWN can help you do that, with our severe weather alerting and forecasting products and services.

Whether you want to protect a national transport route with our polygon alerting system, get custom forecasts for wind, severe weather, temperature or rainfall, or simply arm your drivers and crane operators with our free HD Severe Weather or Safe@work apps, we can help you work more safely.

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