Weather Situation Room

Situation Room

The Problem
Every day management and staff waste valuable time (and money) searching the internet for weather and other hazard information and warnings which distract you from your primary concern - your business...
The Solution
The Situation Room offers an all in one "All Hazard" monitoring system to keep you informed about threats affecting your assets 24/7.

View your assets on the map and see in real time:
  • Radar Overlay
  • EWN Alerts for Severe Weather, Bushfires, Cyclones and Tsunamis as they are issued
  • Rainfall and River Height Data
  • Lightning Data
  • Severe Weather Forecasts
  • Power outage, CME's whatever the threat we will map, track and warn for you
Instantly report on assets under threat so you can put your emergency procedures into action for those about to be affected.
How does it work?
By combining our Regional Alerts service and the Situation Room, you will be notified as soon as there is a threat to your assets. When you get the alert, check the Situation Room to find out which of your assets is going to be impacted and set your emergency response plans into action.
This combination gives you unparalleled situational awareness, 24/7 365 days per year, from any internet connected device.
If you are in the business of protecting your company assets, operations and people on the ground you should definitely phone us now for a free trial.
Situation Room Desktop Version
Who can benefit from this service?
  • Any organisation with a central control room function
  • Large mining or construction sites, particularly in remote areas
  • Telcos, Gas & Electricity suppliers, Security firms etc
  • Retailers with widespread operations to monitor
  • Transport or Marine operations needing reliable up to date forecast information
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